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> Protective programmes for high risk roles

Psychological risk assessments, screening and surveillance help organisations meet their duty of care.

In some occupations it is impossible to remove all psychological hazards. Workers in the emergency and social services, teaching, nursing and other organisations exposed to distressing incidents, deal with trauma and crisis as a normal part of their day to day activities.

Within these organisations some roles are particularly psychologically demanding. The role risk assessment tool, HazFit, developed by Noreen Tehrani, assesses ten trauma hazard areas. HazFit is designed for supervisors to determine if members of their teams are at a particularly high level of risk.   


The Management of Health, Safety and Welfare requires organisations to undertake an ongoing programme of psychological surveillance.  Our screening and surveillance programme ensures that organisations are meeting their duty of care by regularly assessing individual and team psychological symptoms together with resilience and coping skills.


The management information generated for high risk groups helps organisations monitor the trauma impact and identify the factors associated with increased coping and resilience.  

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