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Checking the mental health and coping of teams and organisations. 

Our current surveillance database includes information from more than 20,000 individual assessments. We create benchmark data which can be used for benchmarking at organisational, employment type and role level.
Individual dashboards showing year on year comparison scores are provided to employees to facilitate a wellbeing discussion with the psychologist or therapist.

Team dashboards, available to leaders and managers, provide an opportunity to observe how a team’s results compare with national benchmark scores and previous year’s results. The dashboard results can also be used to monitor how activities and events during the year may have affected the wellbeing of the team (e.g. the impact of training, a change of manager or operational demands).

For our major customers annual reports are available to senior management. These reports have comprehensive data on levels of engagement, psychological wellbeing, resilience and attitudes of the employees to their health and work.

Empowering organisations
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