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We have produced a range of trauma training courses and workshops to support organisations in a way which is affordable, sustainable and tailored to their needs.

Training courses

Image by J. Kelly Brito

Courses currently available:

For Practitioners:

  • Structured Interviewing (OHAs, Counsellors/Therapists)

  • Psychological Debriefing (OHAs Counsellors/Therapists, Psychologists)

  • Trauma Focussed CBT (Counsellors/Therapists)

  • Psychological Assessments (Psychologists only)

For Peers and Supervisors

  • Demobilising and Defusing

  • Wellbeing Assessment and Trauma Support 


Video Conference

Workshops currently available:

  • Building resilience in employees working in trauma exposed roles

  • The psycho-biology of child abuse

  • Working with adult survivors of child abuse

  • Psychological approaches to dealing with trauma

  • Trauma and traumatic grief

  • Evolution and the trauma response

  • The role of psychological surveillance in high risk roles

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