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Our clients are from all over the UK across public, private and charity sectors and include blue-chip organisations to small independent businesses. We are very proud to work with each and every one of them.

Clients return to us again and again and we value the relationships that develop which mean we can respond quickly and creatively to their needs. We enjoy welcoming new clients and working with them to make sure that they create and maintain a safe working environment for their employees.

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Surrey Police Public Protection: looking after officers and staff

Background:  Officers working in Surrey Police's public protection unit deal with some very difficult and distressing case including child abuse, domestic violence and the abuse of vulnerable people. When it was decided to take a deeper look at how to support its staff the Head of Occupational Health invited Noreen Tehrani Associates to undertake the research.

Approach:  As a practitioner / researcher Noreen wanted to use quantitative and qualitative research methodologies The project involved testing levels of anxiety, depression and traumatic stress as well as resilience factors. There were also interviews with a third of the officers from the unit.

Impact:  The research recommendations were wide ranging but none of them were costly. Most importantly most of the suggestions were based on ideas that had been identified by the units own officers and staff. The impact of this research is to be evaluated in terms of sickness absence data and employee satisfaction levels.

Client testimonial:

Dr Tehrani has been consultant clinical psychologist to Surrey Police for a number of years and has been instrumental in developing her highly successful and innovative trauma management programme within the Force. Always highly professional, a true and valuable asset to front line policing.

Elizabeth Eades, Occupational Health Manager, Surrey Police. 

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