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Our Approach

Everyone working with Noreen Tehrani Associates is passionate in promoting the wellbeing of organisations and employees affected by trauma.

Our dedicated team of chartered psychologists, trauma therapists, data analysts and researchers co-operate and work with each other to create an evidence based service which is tailored to the needs of our clients and customers.

The services we provide proactively identifies and supports those affected by crisis, disaster and trauma with highly effective assessments, training and interventions designed to reduce sickness absence, facilitate rehabilitation and bring about post-trauma growth.


Our approaches and proprietary tools have been developed based on many years of experience, extensive research and highly significant volumes of data. Examples include our HazFit tool that enables streamlined supervisor assessments or our surveillance database which contains over 20,000 individual assessments and underpins our organisational benchmarking tool.

Our Values are to:


Maintain and promote the well-being of individuals and organizations


Provide ethical and valued services


Anticipate and meet the changing needs of our customers


Combine professionalism, objectivity and respect


Create an atmosphere of mutual trust and enthusiasm

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