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The trauma training programme provided by Noreen Tehrani Associates has been shown to be highly effective in dealing with simple and complex trauma. 

The trauma programme involves 6-8 therapy sessions each lasting 90 minutes.  The therapists provide mid and closing therapy reports to track progress. 



Investment Chart

All our trauma therapists are trained in TF-CBT and many are also trained in EMDR (the trauma therapies recognised by NICE)

The treatment programme includes:

  • Up to eight 1 ½ hour therapy sessions

  • Mid-therapy report

  • A post therapy report

  • Rehabilitation advise to the organisation

  • Clinical supervision of the therapist

Unlike many therapy programmes this model of trauma therapy has been designed to meet the needs of both the organisation and the employee.

Our trauma therapy results show employees using our programmes have significant improvements in their trauma symptoms, with 81% no longer having clinically significant symptoms. In addition, the clinical results also showed improvements in work capacity and quality of social relationships.

We are able to deliver trauma therapy in-person, by telephone or video call. This has been particularly important during the recent pandemic where we have been able to continue providing trauma therapy online with equally positive results.  

Our therapy programme handles over 350 referrals a year.

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