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> Reducing mental health related absence

Our proactive approach to mental health identifies early opportunities to address difficulties.

Around 50% of workplace sickness absence is due to mental health conditions. Some roles, particularly those in emergency and social services, education and nursing involve a high level of exposure to unavoidable hazards known to cause or exacerbate mental health conditions. 

Mental health problems are expensive - a study by Deloitte in January 2020 found the cost to UK business to be between £42-48 billion a year. Deloitte put forward strong economic arguments for organisations to reduce these costs by investing in mental health.

Our programmes of screening, surveillance and psychological assessment are designed to proactively identify early signs of mental health problems and provide expert advice, guidance and support to improve resilience and ability to cope. 


Where employees are showing more serious signs of distress our psychological assessment, opinions and management advice helps management to identify appropriate interventions and referrals for additional support or treatment.

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