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> Building resilience in dealing with trauma, crisis and disaster
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Planning and preparing organisations with the knowledge and resources to deal with traumatic events.


Traumatic events can occur unexpectedly in most organisations and it is important for organisations to be prepared to deal with the chaos and distress these events may cause. Employee trauma crises and disasters can include:

  • The sudden death of a colleague through illness, accident or suicide

  • A natural or man made disaster affecting the workplace e.g. floods, fires or explosions

  • A criminal or terrorist act including a bombing, shooting, robbery or physical attack

  • An infectious disease 

There is also the possibility of secondary trauma caused by exposure to the details or scene of a disaster. This can include:

  • Listening to stories from victims of traumatic events

  • Reading testimony of victims of trauma

  • Attending the scenes of trauma

Our programmes help organisations create trauma aware business continuity plans and emergency planning responsive to the needs of the organisation and employees.  

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