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> Effective handling of stress and trauma cases

Online screening, rapid referrals and clinical assessments provide timely opinions and advice 


Even with the best systems and procedures some employees will develop symptoms of stress or trauma.  Psychological screening assesses the mental health of employees using online questionnaires. In high risk roles online results show an average of 80% of employees are fit, 15% are marginal and 5% have clinically significant symptoms.


The marginally scoring employees are seen by Occupational Health Advisor or Counsellor who reviews their personal background and goes through the screening results looking at symptoms, lifestyle, coping skills and their relationships with supervisors and peers.

Employees are given personalised reports and guidance.  Where necessary they are referred to other resources or to a clinical psychologist for a psychological assessment.


Employees with clinically significant scores are seen by a HCPC registered psychologist who will undertake a full psychological assessment and produce a full written report including their clinical opinion and recommendations for management.  Approximately 50% of these employees are found to need trauma therapy which may be accessed via the NHS or through our associated trauma therapists.

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