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Comprehensive evidence-based psychological screening and trauma support

Noreen Tehrani Associates

We provide Trauma Support Services, Psychological Screening and Training for organisations, practitioners and individuals. This creates a range of benefits including:

  • Protection of employee’s health and wellbeing

  • Improved role performance

  • Reduced risks to organisations


Our approach is caring, sensitive and effective in reducing the effect of personal and work related trauma.


Noreen Tehrani's team of highly experienced associates are hand picked for their knowledge and experience in dealing with traumatic stress using proprietary models and training.


Our services are:


Flexible: We will tailor our services to meet your organisation's precise needs

Responsive: We provide services when and where they are needed

Monitored: We agree with you how to monitor and evaluate our services


All of our services have been developed using the latest research.  We are actively involved in evaluating the effectiveness of our interventions and training.  We work with other researchers to publish our findings in academic journals.

Learn more about our approach or browse our client case studies.

Remote or in-person

Psychological assessments are provided face to face, by video call or telephone.  Our trauma psychologists and therapists are trained and experienced in working flexibly to meet the needs of the organisation and employees.

Contact us to discuss the most suitable options.

Screening & assessments

The questionnaires used in our screening and surveillance programmes have been selected for their reliability in assessing psychological disorders, resilience factors and wellbeing hazards.

Visit the services section for full details.

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